beautiful failing

peeling paint in detroit.

layered city reflections

available for license: http://www.stocksy.com/91558

cold dead hands


the static

peel & curl

sunset beyond chain link

coming/parting hope/pain

station rails

1, 2, 3

Available to license: http://www.stocksy.com/99921

right angles

purple circle mural detail

Artist: http://www.nickalas.com/pers_main_frameset.html Available for license: http://www.stocksy.com/120674

detail of mural

mural by Nick Goettling: www.nickalas.com available for license: http://www.stocksy.com/124081

stripe crumple circle circle stripe

rooftop view

available for license: http://www.stocksy.com/125547

hipster trailer moment

Available for license: http://www.stocksy.com/131189

abstracted chicago

millennium park crown fountain


strange corners